Business set-up

Need help setting up a new business? we can help.

How to Start a Coffee House Business

  • How to create a business plan for your coffee shop
  • What kind of company to form
  • What to consider when choosing a location, including foot and car traffic
  • Buying an existing restaurant or coffee house
  • Building your own coffee house
    • Purchasing vs. leasing a location
    • How to avoid costly “surprises
  • Planning your food and menu
  • Creating the right quality/price ratios for your customer base
  • Equipment and supplies
    • What you need to start a coffee house business
    • How to save money by buying used equipment (and what equipment should be bought new)
    • Advice on the best coffee makers to buy

Managing Your Coffee House

  • How to develop effective systems for running your business on a daily basis
  • How to handle repairs and maintenance
  • Working with employees
    • Finding staff before your café opens
    • Questions to ask job applicants in an interview
    • Effective ways to train staff
    • Ways to improve morale and give your staff a sense of ownership (so they gladly assist in making your coffee house more profitable)
  • Customer relations, including:
    • How to use customer feedback to develop your business
    • Developing a “frequent customer” program for your coffee shop
    • Reaching customers through the Internet
  • Financial management for coffee house owners:
    • How to budget
    • VAT issues
    • The most effective way to track sales
    • How to calculate your costs of sales and inventory