Commercial Barista training

Commercial barista training is an essential part of creating an experience for your customers which will exceed their expectations and ensuring that your staff have the confidence to deliver high quality product time and again.

The vast majority of espresso machine owners believe that any issues they have with their coffees derive from the coffee itself. This is rarely the problem and in most cases the issues surround the grinder settings, machine operation or cleaning processes.

The best espresso will taste as good as ground coffee smells!  There are many reasons why it may not and these can be addressed alongside the training of your staff or yourselves to ensure that the standards you achieve are above those of your competition. After 1 session you will be amazed at the difference in what you are able to create which will include first class espresso, cappuccino, latte etc etc…

We charge £200 per day (7 hour session) + travel expenses to train at your site.