How We Can Help You

Need help setting up a new business? We can help;
How to Start a Coffee House Business
  • How to create a business plan for your coffee shop
  • What kind of company to form
  • What to consider when choosing a location, including foot and car traffic
  • Buying an existing restaurant or coffee house
  • Building your own coffee house
  • Purchasing vs. leasing a location
  • How to avoid costly “surprises“
  • Planning your coffee menu
  • Creating the right quality/price ratios for your customer base
  • Where to get your music licenses
  • The Environmental Health Office (EHO).
  • Trading Standards
Equipment and supplies
  • What you need to start a coffee house business
  • Advice on where to buy equipment i.e. grinders.
  • Advice on the best coffee makers to buy
Managing Your Coffee House
  • How to develop effective systems for running your business on a daily basis
  • How to handle repairs and maintenance
  • Working with employees
  • Finding staff before your café opens
  • Questions to ask job applicants in an interview
  • Effective ways to train staff
  • Ways to improve morale and give your staff a sense of ownership (so they gladly assist in making your coffee house more profitable)
Customer relations, including:
  • How to use customer feedback to develop your business
  • Developing a “frequent customer” program for your coffee shop
  • Reaching customers through the Internet
Financial management for coffee house owners:
  • How to budget
  • VAT issues
  • The most effective way to track sales
  • How to calculate your costs of sales and inventory


Immediate objectives vs long term goals, we'll help your business grow.


Deciding what to charge for your product is a key skill to master.


With so many choices, we can assist you with equipment and food suppliers.


Helping with table arrangements and system of service.


Help on opening day, loyalty programs, business cards, etc..

So what are you waiting for?

Give us a call to discuss your bespoke training session at no extra cost.

So what are you waiting for?

Give us a call to discuss your bespoke training session at no extra cost.